Apply Pan Card Online UTI NSDL and Lost Pan Card

Apply Pan Card Online : are you looking for the Apply Pan Card Online ? yes don’t worry you can know everything about apply pan card online uti and nsdl

What is a Pan Card? 

Before we start proceeding to how to apply for a Pan Card, we must know what is a Pan Card. Permanent Account Number simply is known as Pan Card is a 10 digit unique code serves as an important identity proof for every individual in India. It is given to them who pays tax.

Since GST scheme has launched the use of Pan Card has increased rapidly for financial purpose. Transactions more than 5 lakhs won’t be possible without a Pan card.

It is a computer-based method in which the data related to taxation is stored of every citizen of India who pays tax. Every Pan number is created such that it is very unique from one another.

a lot of peoples are searching for how to apply pan card online but it is very easy process to get apply pan card through online UTI and NSDL.

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How to Apply Pan Card Online and Lost Pan Card UTI/NSDL

The idea of launching Pan Card in India was taken from the Social Security Number or SSN card that is used in United States (US).

But back then the major purpose of this nine-digit number was to track an individual for any criminal offense however it is now used for taxation purpose as well.

if you want to apply pan card online you need to know process for apply pan card and how to apply lost pan card.

apply pan card online

Application for Pan Card

 It is a very easy and simple process. The applicant can make an application online on the website of NSDL, or can also apply offline.

The Income Tax Department has paired up with NSDL and UTIIDSL. These are the two and primary main agencies responsible for making and furnishing the Pan Card in entire India.

Also, there are secondary agencies at the district level where you can submit your application for Pan Card. they will furnish the card and send to your home. you can know about pan card wiki it will be very help for who want to know about what is pan card.

Since they are giving the opportunities for applying for Pan Card both online and offline, below I will discuss how to apply and what are the procedures needed. after applying the pan card you have to check pan card status from official website or given links

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Online procedure for applying for Pan Card

 The Internet has made this possible for us to explore the world easily just a click away. All our queries are solved every day simply at home with the help of internet. Relatively, you are able to apply for Pan card online in few steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Open your browser and type online service NSDL.

Step 2. Click on the first link written Apply Online for Pan Card – NSDL.

Step 3. As the page opens you will get two options Apply online and Registered user. Select Apply Online and continue.

Step 4. First, select the type of application Indian citizen or Foreign citizen.

Step 5. Fill the required fields and click submit, it will take you to another window where a token number will appear copy or note the number you will need it further for the Pan Card.

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How to Apply Lost Pan Card 

Since everyone is not reliable to the internet for them offline procedure is also available. Let me tell you how in below steps.

Step 1. Download the application form from the website of NSDL.

Step 2. Pay the application fee through demand draft to the Income Tax Service.

Step 3. Keep your document’s photocopy ready to attach along with the form.

Step 4. Fill the form with required details step by step.

Step 5. Before sending it to the Income Tax Pan Services Unit write APPLICATION FOR PAN CARD on the envelope.

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