How you can do Pan Card Verification By Name & Date Of Birth

PAN Card Verification: PAN card is the most useful document for Indian citizens. The PAN card number is the mandatory requirement for filing tax returns and also for making your financial instruments.

Are you waiting for knowing how to check pan card verification and how to verify pan card details by name and date of birth yes, you came to the correct place for getting pan card personal details from pan number?

PAN card verification is an essential document. The confirmation is connected either by the bank or by other financial organization, or commercial transaction takes place. If the PAN card is not verified, you will not have any business transaction. Therefore verification is essential.

Why required?

Many people are confused nowadays as an agent are borrowing huge money per card from an individual for new / correction / duplicate PAN card also many agents take out fake pan numbers and make money. Knowing your pan card verify it’s straightforward, and it is mandatory to do so. Government websites verify.

Who is eligible for verification of PAN?

Insurance companies, Banks, GST Network, Mutual Fund, KYC, Government deductor, credit card companies, national pension system, Edu institutes, Government agencies, and so on rest list are mentioned as below.

There are three types of online verification:-

1) Scan based verification:-

  • First, you will visit the official website.
  • Then you can finish up to a maximum of five PAN in the provided screen and then submit it.
  • Then the details of the PAN will get as a result.

2) Software-based:-

Through the official website, you can have the best facility of interference to allow your online verification of PAN by crossing the verification with software.

3) File-based verification:-

  • First, visit the official website.
  • Then you will have to log in.
  • Then upload a file containing up to a maximum of 1,000 PANs in NSDL e-government.
  • After uploading the file, the applicant can check on the submit tab.
  • The website will give details of all the PANs provided within 24 hours of the submission.
  • Then the system will send a message of rejection if the format of the file uploaded is incorrect.

Details Needed To Register PAN Verification Online

Organizational Details

  • Name of the entity
  • Category of the entity
  • Contact details
  • Other personal details

Digital Signature Certificate Details

  • Class of the Certificate
  • Name of the certifying authority
  • Certificate’s Serial Number

Payment Details

  • Mode of payment
  • Amount to be paid
  • Instrument number

How To Verify Card Issued By UTIITSL / NSDL?

UTIITSL is a financial service company of the company. The Indian government owns it, and it offers financial technology to the government sectors. Like NDSL, you can also apply for PAN cards in UTIITSL websites.

For PAN Card verification on UTIITSL, you must visit the UTIITSL website. Log in by providing your credentials. After logging, fill in the details to verify your PAN Card. After everything is completed, the site displays the results of your PAN card.

How to verify PAN card online via name, PAN number, DOB, and residential status?

Verification of your PAN card online is the best and simple way to verify it. Here we will see the step by step verification of PAN card. If you want to check pan card status by name and date of birth, you can check pan card details from the official website of the pan card.

Open any web browser type “efiling” then click on

Its PAN on official income tax website for verification click on register new user.

Pan Card Verification Details By Name and Date Of Birth
Pan Card Verification Details By Name and Date Of Birth

After that, select user type as I am individual, so I will select the same.

verify pan
verify pan

Enter details in the form for individual

  • Basic details
  • Registration form
  • Registration verification
  • And final registration confirmation

Once all done, your pan is accessible and verified. If you are not moved to the next registration form as shows error, then its not verified or incorrect PAN in that case you need to contact PAN Center.

pan card verify
pan card verify

How do I verify PAN using PAN and DOB?

Visit NSDL site for reprint/duplicate / lost PAN                                 Then enter PAN Number, aadhar (only for an individual), DOB and captcha and submit. The verification status will get display on the screen.

how to apply for duplicate pan card

Please refer to FAQ if you have any questions regarding the same all your answers will get covered.


What Are The Responses That Users Get?

Here are the responses that the users get from the websites while verifying the PAN Card.

PAN Verification Response

Valid PAN 

  • PAN Status
  • Last Date Of Update
  • Name Printed on PAN
  • Name of the holder


The status appears as ‘Deactivated’ or ‘Deleted.’

PAN Card not found

The status appears as ‘Not present in Income Tax Department Database.’

Fake PAN

The status will appear as ‘Fake’ without displaying any other details.


Here is the best information about the verification of the PAN card. There is the best and easy way to verify with the step by step verification guide and updated it with new regulations. I hope all you had to get updated information on the same.

It is useful for your daily life. I think you are waiting for the pan card download process after your pan gets verified.

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