PAN Complaint Online / Offline How to File it [Best Guide]

PAN Complaint Online

Here we will learn how you can do Pan Complaint Online via two different methods with very easy steps.

PAN Card has become an essential document for the taxpayers of India. It is a unique ten-digit alphanumeric code allotted to all the taxpayers of India. It is linked with the entity’s financial transactions to help the Income Tax Department have a track on the taxes that pay through it. If you don’t have a PAN Card, you can easily apply it through two official websites, namely UTIITSL and TIN-NDSL. You can apply for a new card, re-print your PAN, or can even file any complaints online.

In some cases, the applicant might receive an incorrect PAN Correct. In such cases, the Government has allocated an excellent system for PAN Grievances to remove the complications or mistakes that a person faces while applying or obtaining the PAN Card. The Income Tax Department has an online PAN Grievance management, where the people can lodge their complaints regarding the PAN card. The individual can file pan card complaints online by submitting their request on the various online portals.

Types: PAN Complaints

There are various types of complaints that are submitted by the people. Some of them mention below:

Incorrect Name: It may occur due to some technical issues or human errors. If you have this type of mistake, you’ll need to report it as PAN Card has become an identity proof across the country.

Both PAN number and PAN Card not received: There may be a chance for delivering your PAN card to a wrong address or even misplacing it. After applying, you will need to wait for a few weeks. If not received, then you can report a complaint online.

PAN number received but PAN not received: It may be due to some delays. For such a situation, you can wait for some days. If not accepted for a more extended period, then you can report it.

Photo Mismatch: A PAN card with a mismatching photo doesn’t serve its actual purpose. In such a case, you will need to report it as PAN is taken as identity proof.

Returned/Undelivered: In some cases, the applicant can miss the delivery of the PAN Card. In such cases, the PAN card will return to authority. If this happens, you will need to intimate with the relevant authority.

Other Mistakes: Some of the grievances would be incorrect father’s name, wrong contact number/address, incorrect date of birth, and much more. For such mistakes, you can report a complaint to bring it to the notice of the relevant authority.

How To Make PAN Complaint Online?

The applicants can lodge their PAN complaints on various online portals. Here are a few methods to submit your claims online.

Method 1: TIN-NDSL:

  • Visit the TIN-NDSL website.
  • Click on the option ‘Complaints/Queries’ under the drop-down menu ‘Customer Care.’
  • Tick in the option ‘Complaint.
  • Fill the mandatorily required details in the application form.
  • Give in the captcha code and click on the option ‘Submit.’

How to File a PAN Complaint Online

Method 2: Income Tax Website

PAN Complaint Online

How To Make a PAN Complaint Offline?

Apart from the online methods mentioned above, you can also call the customer care number to lodge your PAN complaints. You can call on to the numbers that are mentioned below to submit any of your PAN related complaints.

Customer Care Numbers:

Here are a few PAN Complaint numbers of NDSL, UTIITSL, Income Tax Department, and Aaykar Sampark Kedar.

  • Income Tax Department Helpline Number: 0124-2438000, 18001801961
  • NSDL Helpline Number: 020‐27218080, (022) 2499 4200, 1800 222 990
  • UTIITSL Portal Helpline Number: 022-67931300, +91(33) 40802999
  • Aaykar Sampark Kendra: Tel- 1800-180-1961

Email id:

Here is few PAN Card Complaint email id:

You can also write a PAN card complaint letter along with your query/feedback and send it to the official addresses of NDSL, UTIITSL, or Income Tax Department.

How To Check The PAN Complaint Status?

After lodging your PAN Complaint online, you can check its status also. To check your PAN Complaint status, you will have to do the following steps:

  • Visit the website (‘‘);
  • Enter the relevant details such as your PAN number, Complaint number, and also the coupon number.
  • From the various menus at the drop-down section, you can search for your PAN Grievances.
  • Click on the option ‘Submit’ to check the status of your PAN Complaint.

Points To Remember:

  • In some portals, you have a feature to fill in the application to surrender your duplicate PAN card.
  • For further reference, it is essential to take a print of your complaint number and keep it handy.


In some cases, you might get a PAN Card with mistakes or corrections. In such cases, it is essential to report a complaint regarding PAN Card mistakes because it is proof of identity, and you will need it across the country. We hope you would have got to know how to lodge a PAN Card complaint from this article. If you have any corrections, lodge a PAN Card complaint now.

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