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TAN Card: How To Register For TAN Card?

TAN Card is essential and required if you want to deposit income tax and then filling its return. Issued by the income tax department, it’s almost the same as Pan card and used to collect the tax.

In this article, we’ll give you information about how to register for Tan Card and other data too.

What Is TAN Card?

The full form of TAN Card is Tax Deduction & Collection Account Number. Card with unique ten-digit alphanumeric numbers that are given to all individuals who are collecting or deducting the tax. The Income Tax Department allocates it.

What Is The Difference Between PAN and TAN?

PAN refers to Permanent Account Number whereas TAN refers to the Tax Deduction Account Number. TAN is given to an individual responsible for the tax deduction, whereas PAN is given to the taxpayers in India.

Why Is TAN Card Needed?

It is given to individuals who deduct tax at the source because, without it, TCS or TDS returns are not accepted by the TIN centers. Even banks don’t take challans for the TCS/TDS payments if your TAN is not cited.

It is essential to quote the TAN number in the documents such as e-TCS/e-TDS returns, TDS/TCS returns, certificates, and payment challans. If you fail to do so, you will need to pay a penalty of Rs.10,000/-.

TAN Card Structure

It has ten-digit alphanumeric numbers. The structure of a TAN Card is as follows:

  • The first three characters indicate the jurisdiction where the TAN card was provided.
  • The fourth character is an alphabet that represents the initial letter of the individual’s name, who deducts or collects taxes.
  • The system generates the next six characters (five numbers and last alphabet).

The combination of all the above characters creates the TAN Card’s unique identity.

TAN Applications: Types

TAN Applications are of two types. They are:

  • Application to issue new
  • Form for corrections/changes

How To Apply TAN Card Online?

If you are looking to apply for a new TAN Card, you can either fill an application online or visit any TIN facilitation centers of NDSL.

To apply online for TAN Card, you will need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit the TIN-NDSL website (https://www.tin-nsdl.com/index.html).
  2. Click the option ‘TAN’ provided under the ‘Services’ dropdown.
  3. Click the ‘Apply Online’ option and choose ‘New TAN.’
  4. On that page, choose the option from the list, ‘category of deductors,’ and click the option ‘Select.’
  5. Next, Form 49B will open.
  6. Fill in the required details and click on the option ‘Submit.’
  7. On confirmation of the form, an acknowledgment screen will display. The screen contains the following options:
  • 14-digit acknowledgment number
  • Applicant’s status
  • Applicant’s name
  • Contact details
  • Payment details
  • Space left for signature.
  1. The applicant has to save the acknowledgment and take a printout of it.
  2. Then you will have to send the application along with all the required documents to the NDSL.

To apply the offline process is the same as mentioned above, but the only difference is that you will need to visit the TIN facilitation centers located near your residence.

TIN-NDSL website

TIN-NDSL website

Points To Remember While Filling 49B Form.

Here are some points to remember while applying the form 49B:

  • The form must fill in capital letters.
  • Use only the English language to fill the form.
  • The assessing officer details required to provide by the deductor of tax or collector. These details can access from the Income Tax Office also.
  • Details such as area, district, area code, and much more are required to be given by the collector or tax deductor. If the details aren’t known, then the Income Tax Office will help you to find it out.
  • You will have to fill the form. Any kind of blank spaces or pending sections will not be accepted.
  • Individuals who are applying the TAN Card will have to mention their designation mandatorily.
  • The applicant must have an Indian address.

Fee For Processing TAN

The processing fees for applying for a new TAN card and changes/corrections in the existing TAN Card are Rs.65/- (including GST).

How To Track TAN Card’s Status?

Track Online:

After submitting the TAN Card’s application successfully, then you can track the status of your application after about three days using the acknowledgment number. Here are the following steps to track the status of your TAN Card’s application:

  1. Visit the TIN-NDSL website (https://www.tin-nsdl.com/index.html).
  2. Click the option ‘TAN’ provided under the ‘Services’ dropdown.
  3. Select the option ‘Know Status Of Your Application.’
  4. Click on ‘Application Type.’
  5. Enter the acknowledgment number.
  6. Fill in the captcha code.
  7. Click on the option ‘Submit.’Know Status Of Your TAN Card Application

Track Via Call:

You can also check the status of your TAN application by calling the number 020 – 27218080 and tell your acknowledgment number.

Track Via SMS:

You can also check the status of your TAN application by sending ‘NDSLTAN’ SMS to 57575.

Tan Verification

  1. for TAN Verification go to www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in
  2. from the quick link, section click on know your PAN.
  3. Search with the name of PAN.
  4. Choose the category of deductor and state from the dropdown if applicable to you.
  5. enter the name of the pan and mobile number.
  6. click on continue you will get OTP on your registered mobile.
  7. Enter OTP and click on the Validate button to view TAN Details.TAN Verification


We hope you would have got a complete knowledge of TAN Card. Make use of the above tips if you are looking to register for a TAN Card. if you want to learn more about PAN card You can visit Know Your PAN.

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